Plastic Granule Extrusion Machines


  • Plastic Recycling by selecting the preliminary design process of the machine in the preliminary stages of mechanical capacity by appropriate motor is designing a specially screw hive transfer elements and according to the material, degassing unit, filter system, machine after the design and technological development are actually in an ergonomically let manufactured


  • HDPE, LDPE,LLDPE, PP, ABS, XPS, PC, OPP, PS screw with the correct geometry is designed in direct Plastics.
  • 120-850 kg / hr capacity with international, Ø 100 mm - Ø160 mm screw between the options available.
  • With maximum heating power ceramic resistors in the heating system fan housing min energy and time savings it is provided.
  • Screw design is in the eksturd gases caused by the type of plastic material safely taken out of the product quality is increased.
  • Filter material and the filter system in time with the pressure sensor based on capacitance change, the design implementation is provided.
  • Manuel PLC accusing ergo00nomic management system