Plastic Agglomeration Machines

Agglomeration machines are used for physically transform loose material into chips suitable to be fed the hopper of an extruder.
Agglomerator is a cylinder with Four rotating blades and eight fixed blades at the bottom, which create friction and heat. This process causes material to reach to the softening point. In this stage operator add some water to create a kind of shock. After water evaporates, material comes from pneumatic operated discharge door as chips.
Agglomerators can be used as material drier. Also it converts thin walled waste material such as bag clippings into reusable material.


  • *According to the boiler it can be manufactured in stainless preferences.
  • * The blades are made of special quality steel material is hardened by heat treatment
  • * The use of long-life bearing with oil in the bearing system
  • * Automatic water freezing process is carried out with the shock unit.
  • * Hydroulic or Pneumatic valve opens
  • * The fan motor is removed with steam in the machine.
  • Machine independent control system
  • Additional resistance system in the main body according to the raw material
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