TeknoPlastmak Plastik Makina Mühendislik İmalat San ve Tic Ltd

  • Teknoplastmak offers a complete line of plastic recycling machines crushing , washing, drying, and pelletizing. Our team of plastic recycling consultants offer the greates professionalism in planning and organizing entire recycling plants based on your specifications. Custom projects may include but not limited to entire Plastic recycling lines, PE film washing lines including pelletizing, rigid plastic washing lines including pelletizing and extrusion machine and plastic
  •  Better quality work than we can, and be able to compete in this arena.
    To work in our products and services without sacrificing quality.
    Providing technical support besides the works done.
    To do continuous improvement, to make the best at the cheapest.
    Using perfect technical power at every stage of production because of perfect production with education and knowledge.
    Never compromise honesty in the service sector.

    To meet all of our customers' expectation of products and services in accordance with world standards in the direction of our company's capability and capacity.
    To increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees.
    To differentiate our products and services in our sector.
    Respecting the environment, keeping the health and safety front, working with the employees and the society they are in to create a value in social responsibility principles
    To realize our aims in harmony with the institutions and persons we are related to without harming the environment and nature
    To contribute to world, country and regional economies.
    Being a permanent entrepreneur, taking an important role in the development of our current and new services and products and our business areas.
    To contribute to the global developments in the Plastic Machinery Sector and the country's economy.