Plastic Washing Lines


  • Teknoplastmak is manufucturing plastic washing line the ideal solution for your plastic film recycling needs. This fully automated washing line takes plastic PP / PE films (polypropylene and polyethylene films) and turns them into clean, contaminant-free film pieces that can be used to produce high-quality PP / PE granules in the pelletizing process,we are also manufucturing wasling line for rigid plastic material PP,ABS,PC,PS etc..
  • To fully wash dirty or soiled PP / PE film, a series of recycling machinery must be used in a specific order. Our standard, high-efficiency PE film washing line offers the most effective way to clean plastic films and ranges from an input capacity of 250kg/h upwards to 1,000kg/h. The output capacity is dependant on the volume of contamination within the PE films you’re recycling. While our standard PE film washing line is sufficient for most facilities, custom setups with additional machinery and increased capacity can be designed for your specific needs.